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The Bookshelf book review

The books on this page include nonfiction such as “motivational” books which allow you to straighten and enhance personal growth. I review books such as those written by Tim Ferris, which will make you think and reflect on how you can enhance your life productivity.

Or you might be interested in romance novels and want to find books that have wonderful stories of love, passion or heartbreak. Or you might like thrillers or fantasy. Here, you will discover fantastic books by a multitude of authors.

It’s my pleasure to help you decide on your next read.


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Hello, Clare Collins here.

I'm a graphic designer by trade but avid reader in general. Reading is my passion, and it always has been.

I have only just started this book review blog and I can't believe it's taken me all these years to start this blog. I absolutely love this hobby and hope I can put across my own viewpoints on the books that I review.

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