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Review: The Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho published The Manuscript Found In Accra at the end 2012 and this work has been on the most viewed list in all the book sites.

The Manuscript found in Accra was written as a story, told by a narrator. However, it is not a novel or short story, unlike many of Coelho’s books. The structure of each chapter is the same: A question about an important aspect or human existence, its answer and its foundation.

This narrative is believed to be a transcription from the Coptic teachings, a Greek sage who was transmitted to Jerusalem’s inhabitants in 1099 on the eve the Crusaders taking over the city. The city was home to Christian and Muslim communities that coexisted peacefully at the time. The Coptic message aims to calm their fears about the future.

Paulho Coelho claims that the manuscript actually existed and that he merely transcribed it. It was discovered in 1974 by Sir William Wilkinson, the son of an English archaeologist. This claim has not been confirmed by any source.

But, the mere act of presenting a fictional novel as fact is not a hoax. It is valid literary device that has been used many times.

It will be difficult for those who insist on categorizing a book in a particular category to label The Manuscript found in Accra by Paulo Coelho. It can be called a book of spirituality because it considers the transcendence of the human person and its relationship to a higher power or being.

It would be a good addition to the self-help book collection, since it provides advice on how to improve our abilities, attain emotional health, and ultimately, happiness.

Paulo Coelho’s books are a mix of spirituality, personal development, and economic stability. This is especially true in these turbulent times, both economically and socially. Your readers feel not only spiritually soothed but also inspired to improve their outlook and conduct in life.


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