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Review: Change Your Words, Change Your Life By Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer’s book Change your words, Change your Life, explains that words have immense power. This is more than we realize. Words can influence people, moods, and even our future. Sometimes, what we say is more important than the words we use.

It is therefore essential to learn how to use the right words to transform our daily conversation into a tool of healing, improvement, and positivity. Meyer’s argument is supported by facts from daily life and passages from the Bible that emphasize the importance of the word.

Joyce Meyer’s book, Change your words, Change Your Life, is organized in several themes. The central idea of the book, the impact of words, is explained first. He then explains how to “tame language”, giving advice on when to talk and when to stay silent. This is closely linked to the topic he addresses later, entitled “Do I really need to give my opinion?”. In which he clarifies that being sincere doesn’t mean expressing opinions that could hurt or affect others. It is often better to remain silent than lie.

This book also discusses issues beyond the right to speak. It focuses on the content of our words which should reflect our faith, not fear or pessimism. It also has the title “The corrosion of complaints”, which emphasizes the harm that our constant regret for everything can cause us.

A chapter at the end of the book contains “The Dictionary of the Word of God”, a collection of quotes from the Bible organized by subject. He recommends that you read it aloud.


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