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Book Review: The Mike Macujo Method

At just 6 pages, this miniature guide is a fantastic reference resource for people who might be concerned with an upcoming hair follicle drug test.

The booklet begins with an introduction from the author, Mike, whose Macujo Method is the latest in hair technology when it comes to passing a drug test and removing those nasty toxins from the hair follicles.

This method differs from the traditional Macujo Method as it’s completely tailored to your particular situation, which makes this book perfect. The whole tone is completely inviting and down-to-earth, making this anxiety-inducing topic seem more normal and giving a little extra confidence to the readers.

The book discusses the reasons that hair follicle drug tests might be required for employment or education and the handy FAQ section at the back of the book can answer any tricky questions that are weighing on the reader’s mind. There’s also a short, snippy section that talks about what to expect during the test itself, just to reassure readers that it’s not as scary as they might be expecting.

The guidebook tells readers exactly what ingredients make up the Mike’s Macujo method, with helpful images to help you source exactly the right products.

There’s then a step-by-step instruction guide to take you through the creation of the shampoo, the method of application and how often you should apply the shampoo right up until your test date.

The list of important tips also lets you know exactly when to start using the shampoo to prepare yourself for the day of the test, so you can be completely confident in your Macujo process based on the types of drugs you typically use and the frequency.

There’s also an essential ‘what not to do’ guide for people with beards, bald people and people with body hair that may be requested.

If you’re still a little concerned, or you’re not sure about the process and how it will work for you, then this little book goes above and beyond to help out. The author even provides his own contact details and link to his website for personalized advice or assistance if you’re feeling a little panicky.


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