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Hello, my name is Clare Collins. I studied literature and graphic design at university a while back. Although I am dedicated to graphic design in general, my passion has always been reading.

I was fond of books from a very young age. I was a bit of a freak when it comes to reading because unlike the other kids, I’d rather go to the library for something to read than play with the rest of the girls. When I went shopping with my parents and they indulged me, I chose a book that I devoured with enthusiasm.

I have always carried a book in my bag even when I go out to party. Now with the eBook it is much easier to have thousands of books always at hand.

I love to read, although I would not be able to say how many books I have read in my life, but surely thousands. It is a comfort to know that there are many more awaiting me, to broaden the horizons of my imagination.

I love reading. Words drag and immerse you in new and different worlds. A good book can thrill, excite and move you emotionally, without leaving the sofa. It allows you to take advantage of every moment and turn it into something wonderful. Meet interesting people in the depths of their being, what we usually cannot touch about the people around us.

It therefore made total sense to create this book review blog. Check these out!

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